Day: January 27, 2021

Real Estate Law

Real Estate Law – Mortgages

Mortgages are the most common instrument for financing the acquisition of real estate. Generally the buyer or mortgager will give a mortgage to a lender, such as a bank and savings and loan. The mortgage gives the lender the legal right to file suit in court to foreclose the buyer’s ownership rights in the property […]

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Cyber Law

FTC Guidelines and Internet Marketing Law

FTC Guidelines concerning Internet Marketing from an Arizona Internet Lawyer Lately there have been many questions from our clients in the internet marketing and blogging industry about the new Federal Trade Commission Guidelines. Specifically, whether an affiliate marketer or blogger must disclose certain information on their web page, and if so how the disclaimer must […]

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Employment Law

How to Return to Work More Quickly Following Traumatic Stress

Traumatic experience with or without physical injury can result in disruption at psychological, social and occupational levels. Individually will take varying time off work due to their injuries (both physical and psychological,) with an immediate effect on finding it difficult to return to work from a psychological point of view. It is therefore essential to […]

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