Day: February 7, 2021

Traffic Law

Reasons Why You May Want to Fight Against That Traffic Ticket

Hardly any individuals will go their whole lifetime without having a minimum of one traffic ticket on the track record. At these times, it could possibly negatively impact your automobile insurance premiums. There are some essential things you should know concerning your record and ways in which it could possibly affect your automobile insurance coverage […]

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Infringement of Music Copyright – Copyright Lawyers Continue to Struggle in Protecting Music Online

Copyright lawyers have any number of challenges in the online world of the World Wide Web. The ability to copy and distribute digital media, including text, music and images, all of which may be copyright protected, allows for infringement to occur at a seemingly unstoppable rate. As is noted by so many commentators, however, copyright […]

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Cognitive Bias In Arbitration: Fundamental Attribution Error

People tend to process information through some of the same filters over and over again. We call these filters “cognitive biases.” They are hardwired into our brains. One of these biases is called “fundamental attribution error.” When something good happens, we tend to overestimate the role of our own effort and intention. For instance, a […]

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