How to File a Copyright

To file a copyright, follow these simple steps:

1. Gather detailed contact information on all contributors to the work of authorship (Citizenship, Residence, Year of Birth). Be sure to include all persons related to the copyright- writers, inventors, copy writers, marketing persons, and anyone else related to the project.

2. Find a patent attorney. A simple online search can accomplish this.

NOTE: Be sure to interview 5-10 attorneys and get a feel for the one who fits your personality. You will be spending a lot of time together, so it’s very important you get along well.

3. Schedule a meeting with him/her (or teleconference).

4. Provide three copies of your work with a Copyright notice such as “© Year, Name or Business name. All rights reserved.”

5. Provide the year the work of authorship was created.

6. Provide the date of First Publication/Sold/Offered for Sale: MM/DD/YYYY & Country of publication.

7. Determine who the owner of the work is and whether all authors, one author, or an entity is to be the owner or assignees. The entity or single author options may require an assignment agreement. Provide the full legal name and contact information of any assignees.

Agenda for meeting with your intellectual property attorney:

1. Provide an overview of your work of authorship and the names of any contributors to the work of authorship.

2. Review the work of authorship.

3. Review any assignment issues.

4. Assign tasks and dates of completion.

5. Decide whether you are proceeding with an engagement agreement with your patent attorney.


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