Plagiarism and the Web

It seems as if plagiarism runs rampant. Sadly, not too many people think the problem is too serious. If this happened elsewhere, the guilty person will be ostracized, or even worse, sent to jail. It’s a big crime, and to do it, you’re no better than the scammers that run amok all over the web. Major search engines have realized how common it is to plagiarize someone else’s content. As punishment, they penalize the site itself. The site will be viewed as an outcast, one that doesn’t deserve to be up and running.

Writers have knowingly chosen to pattern and copy articles. They think that so long as they have blogs and editorials present, they can immediately rank high on the search engine results pages. That’s not the way the web works. Now, Google, Yahoo, and other major search engines will not think twice about fining or banning the site altogether. Your business can go down the drain and all that hard work will be futile. Just to give you an idea, these are the things that could happen to you if you don’t take plagiarism too seriously:

  1. You could get fined.
  2. Your site can get banned.
  3. Visitors will not be able to visit your site and subscribe to your products.
  4. You will not be able to work with people who can improve your business significantly.
  5. You risk your reputation and get your name blacklisted by important businessmen from all over the world.
  6. You will lose all rights to the product you’ve worked so hard for.
  7. You will be denied the rights to work for any corporation.
  8. Your work will prove to be insignificant, and as a result, you not only lose the hours you’ve put in, but the investment you’ve made.

Putting in the bibliography is still considered an act of plagiarism. While it is okay that you get your information elsewhere (that is, after all, how you need to research), you need to state what you’ve read about in your own words. You must do everything in your power to protect your reputation, and if possible, run a test for everything you submit to make sure that what you’ll be giving is entirely unique. Articles that are your own do add value to your business, and if you want search engines to take you seriously, you need to follow the rules set. You want people to come to you and seek whatever it is you’re offering. This isn’t your territory, and therefore, you need to abide by the guidelines set by those who can help you attain your goals.

If you come across an article that may be useful to you, always verify if the copyrights belong to someone else. This means that the owner has total jurisdiction over it. If you really want to do well, you need to equip yourself with the proper SEO knowledge. Your job would be to develop your site’s internal components and use words to attract the customers to you. There are experts available, and if you want to fast-track your growth, you can definitely seek their services.


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