Are You Wanted? See If There Is An Outstanding Warrant For Your Arrest

An active warrant can’t be stopped as it will eventually take you behind bars. But its effects can be mitigated if you know about the warrant status before hand. Things can be done before the arrest takes place.

There are four steps to find out if you have a warrant active on your name which are as follows.

Review your records. Go through your records to find out if you have any unpaid traffic fines that you might have forgotten about. Committing an act of crime, violated probation can only trigger an arrest warrant. If there are no identity theft cases or pending legal matters then you might not have any outstanding warrants.

Visit the local courthouse. One should always go to their local court houses to find out if there is any warrant active on there names. After going through all the records if there is any sign of a warrant being present the officials down there would not bother too much.

Check for warrants online. By subscribing to an online public database you can easily find out if there is a warrant for your arrest quickly and confidentially. Commercial sites offer listings in all 50 states so you are able to check warrant status from anywhere!

Ask a police officer: This is usually not recommended, because the policeman is likely to arrest you on site if it turns out there is an outstanding warrant for your arrest. Beforehand, always be sure to get a lawyer in order to arrange for you to turn yourself in. The court will view this with sympathy and as a result tend to show a degree of mercy upon you.