Hiring A DUI Lawyer: What You Need To Know

When a person makes the mistake of getting behind the wheel after a few alcoholic beverages, he or she needs to put in a call to a DUI lawyer. Many motorists underestimate the devastation that their error can cause to themselves, their passengers and all others on the road. This can happen to anyone whether they consider themselves to be an upstanding citizen or not. This can result after just stopping in to have a couple of beers with coworkers after work. It can occur as a result of attending a social gathering where wine or champagne was served.

Think a few social drinks here and there are no big deal? Think again. Many drivers think that DUI charges are only for severe alcoholics or those who have had so much to drink that they can’t walk a straight line or speak without slurring. But in actuality, a person is considered impaired with only a small amount of alcohol in their system. Here are some things to think about:

Initial stages of impairment: The early stages of alcohol’s effects may simply seem to make the person feel more relaxed. They may feel happier, playful and less inhibited. While this may have been a great state to be in while at the party or social gathering, behind the wheel it equates to slower response times.

Further stages: The more a person drinks or the smaller their body is, the drunker they become. Judgment and perceptions become altered enough to create a dangerous situation for themselves, their passengers and all the others out on the road.

Advanced stage: At the most advanced stages of impairment, an individual will slur their speech, be unable to walk a straight line or perform cognitive reasoning. Tests that police officers give to drunk drivers includes reciting the alphabet backwards, counting backwards, standing on one foot to check balance, and walking a straight path. Eventually, enough alcohol in the bloodstream can cause a person to pass out or even die.

When a person has been drinking, they should not ever drive a vehicle. This is the law. Other options for transportation after a night of partying include:

Taxicab: Calling a cab is always a good idea. They’re available 24/7.

Designated driver: There should always be one person in the social group who is willing to be the designated driver for the evening. This could rotate so that everyone in the social group has their turn.

Stay overnight: If possible, a person can always spend the night at a hotel or friends’ home that is within walking distance of the party.

Take their keys: If a person is with a friend who has been drinking, they should do whatever they need to do in order to keep them from getting behind the wheel. “Friends don’t let friends drive drunk” is a true saying.

If a motorist makes the mistake of drunk driving, he or she should call a DUI lawyer immediately. Loss of their license, increased insurance rates, and incarceration can all occur due to their error and legal advice is required.