Calculating Alimony Payments

It can be difficult to determine the final amount of alimony that will be awarded in a divorce. Deciding on an alimony agreement may cause a large amount of hostility. Alimony is most often used if the parties have an extreme difference of income. Before going through a divorce, it is important to have an idea of what a reasonable amount of alimony will be before settling upon a divorce agreement. A divorce lawyer can make a alimony estimate based on their past experiences. Since there are several different ways of determining alimony, getting a rough idea of the alimony to be paid may require the help of an attorney.

Alimony is designed to keep both parties financially stable during and after a divorce. There may be many arguments as to what is implied by that statement. There are two main sides to alimony payments, the person paying the alimony and the person receiving. The party responsible for making alimony payments will likely fight for small payments. This includes proving the divorce ended by fault of the other party or that the length of the marriage was fairly short. The party receiving the financial support can also make strong arguments for a large amount of alimony. This includes proving a need for financial stability, investment in a long term relationship, and reason for the divorce.

A common misconception is that alimony payments include child support. Child support is a separate amount of money given to another party. It is based more on the well-being of the child than on the needs and rights of the parents.

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