Prenuptial Agreement Tips

We are often asked by couples about our views on prenuptial agreements. Some couples do find them to be valuable while for others, they are completely unnecessary. Considering and agreeing to having one done may turn out to be a strengthening factor in your marriage or relationship.

In terms of statistics, of marriages where one partner was previously married, which comprise forty percent of marriages, about twenty percent seek a prenup. The number is much lower for first marriages averaging around five percent.

Couples obtain a prenuptial agreement for various reasons. The most obvious is handing the disparity in assets each partner is bringing into the marriage. Another important one, is the one bringing children into the marriage want to preserve their assets both in the cases of divorce or even death. It is always better to discuss signing one at time when both parties have the other’s interest at heart and not a time of conflict.

Prenuptial agreements can be unromantic and very sensitive issue. The best written contracts contain clauses on how to dissolve the contract. Marriage is a contract and its best to have always consider all possibilities however unlikely they may seem at the time. It is a good idea to keep in mind that the divorce rate in the United States today is around fifty percent.

Whether pertaining to prenuptial agreements or other issues, the worst thing couples need is to be blind sided after marriage. Having accurate expectations, learning more about each other and most importantly learning on how to resolve issues all factors that contribute to marriage success.