What Is a Flat Fee Divorce

If you and your spouse believe you can work things out on your own, then our flat fee divorce works like this:

  • Either you or your spouse comes to our office and retains us. We can only represent one of you and this is the only person we should deal with.
  • You tell us what the two of you have agreed upon and we put it in writing in a formal marital settlement agreement that will become a part of your final divorce papers.
  • If you have overlooked some items that should be included in your papers, we will give you a list to take home to discuss with your spouse.
  • For your sake, and to prevent the appearance of a conflict of interest, we prefer to not speak to or meet with your spouse. We cannot give him or her any advice and this is best accomplished by having no direct contact at all.
  • If we must converse or meet with your spouse, he or she will be asked to sign documentation attesting to our notification that we represent only you and not him or her, and that we cannot and did not give them any legal advice.
  • We also prepare all other papers that are necessary to start and complete the divorce itself.
  • We give you the entire settlement package to take home for your spouse’s approval and signature. We think it is a good idea for your spouse to hire their own lawyer, or at least have the papers approved by a lawyer of their choice.
  • When everything is signed and returned to us, we file the papers with the court and get your hearing date.
  • You must be present in court with us on the assigned day and we will present your testimony and signed papers to the court for entry. Your spouse’s presence is welcome, but is not mandatory because everything is pre-signed.
  • Typically, your divorce is finalized on the day we are in court
  • Shortly after this, we prepare and process whatever deeds, transfers of title, retirement account interests, etc. that you hire us to process.