How Does the Legal System in the UK Help the Workers Get Work Accident Compensation Claims?

Work accidents are common in the UK. According to the European Agency for Safety and Health at Work, an average of 165,000 occupational injuries is recorded every year. The Personal Injuries Assessment Board considers slips, trips and falls to be the primary causes of most workplace mishaps in the UK. Common consequences of the workplace injuries include whiplash, back injuries, brain injuries, broken bones which results in immense suffering and loss of income due to an incapability to work. Occupational injuries also incur extra expenses like medical expenses and rehabilitation costs. The employers in the UK have specific duties towards their employees with respect to work accidents. They are legally obliged to ensure a safe working ambience for their workers. Failure to comply with the said duties will lead to a breach of statutory duty and can result in an accident at work compensation claim.

What do the victims of occupational accidents benefit after the release of the statutory law?

Prior to the statutory establishment of work accident compensation in the United Kingdom, the victims of work accidents could pursue their employer only by means of tort law. During this period, the UK law used to perceive employment as a master-servant kinship and urged the workers to prove employer’s negligence. Though employers’ obligation regarding the accidents was unlimited the legal system mostly used to offer their verdicts in favor of the employers, ignoring the huge losses suffered by the workers due to the accidents. Later on, in the late 19th century, the statutory compensation law came into existence to provide advantages to both employers and employees.

With the introduction of the statutory compensation law, a schedule came out stating the amount and forms of worker’s compensation. The law allows the employers to purchase insurance against the occupational accidents. So, if you have sustained an accident at work due to faulty equipment or absence of proper supervision, you might be entitled to file a claim for compensation.

How can a no win no fee solicitor help you acquire work accident compensation?

No win no fee contracts are an effective means to fund the legal costs of filing your accident compensation claim in the UK. Most solicitors in the UK provide their services on no win no fee basis. Selecting an expert no win no fee solicitor is not an easy task. You should conduct a thorough research on the reputation of some no win no fee solicitors before you choose one to handle your case. You should make sure that your solicitor has the license to practice law in your jurisdiction and the lawyer who has signed to your particular case has not been subjected to any recent disciplinary action.

To recapitulate, if you are the victim of a work accident with no fault on your part, you can get the assistance of a no win no fee solicitor to file your compensation claims. Availing the services of a reputed lawyer will always enhance your chance of acquiring maximum compensation.

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