Conveyancing Horror Stories

As it’s Halloween this weekend, we decided to get in the ‘spirit’ of things and bring you some real life horror stories from the world of conveyancing.

Beware: The following contains content of a horrifying nature!

Mr & Mrs Smith had never moved house before, so their knowledge of the conveyancing process wasn’t that great. However, a quick search round the internet gave them all the information they thought they needed and they ended up choosing the conveyancing firm who offered the cheapest deal…in this case, we’ll call them Swindlers Conveyancing!

The staff at Swindlers Conveyancing were only too happy to take the Smiths case. They emailed a quote to them straight away with a promise that they’d pay nothing until their move completed.

Mr & Mrs Smith were thrilled at the saving they were set to make and immediately instructed Swindlers Conveyancing to proceed with their transaction.

Their joy soon turned to horror, however, as initial documents came to them riddled with spelling mistakes and inaccuracies. Swindlers Conveyancing hadn’t even spelt the Smiths name correctly in their starter pack!

Despite being promised a proactive service the Smiths were frustrated that they weren’t being updated on the progress of their case enough. Every time they rang up to find out how everything was proceeding they were put on hold or told that their conveyancer would call them back later.

Two frustrating months passed and, through plenty of hard work and determination on their own behalf, the Smiths were finally able to move into their new home. The day before the exchange was due to take place they received the final bill from Swindlers Conveyancing.

Mr Smith nearly died of shock. Instead of the £199 plus VAT they were originally quoted, the legal fees now totalled more than £1000!

If this were a true Halloween story, Mr Smith would have died of shock and returned from the dead as a vengeful ghoul to wreak havoc on Swindlers Conveyancing.

However, because this has been written before the watershed, we’ve come up with an alternative ending…

A couple of weeks later Mr & Mrs Smith were sat in their new local pub and were chatting to another couple who’d moved in across the street at the same time as them.

The Jones’ had used the most recommended conveyancing provider in the UK for their conveyancing and had nothing but praise for the legal services they’d received.

They’d promised no hidden fees so the price quoted at the start of the conveyancing process was the exact same price the Jones’ ended up paying on completion.

Mr & Mrs Smith were amazed. They’d thought that Swindlers’ cheap conveyancing meant good conveyancing, when, in actual fact, it was better to go for value for money conveyancing.

The end.