Day: January 18, 2021

Personal Injury

How Does the Legal System in the UK Help the Workers Get Work Accident Compensation Claims?

Work accidents are common in the UK. According to the European Agency for Safety and Health at Work, an average of 165,000 occupational injuries is recorded every year. The Personal Injuries Assessment Board considers slips, trips and falls to be the primary causes of most workplace mishaps in the UK. Common consequences of the workplace […]

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Traffic Law

What Is Drink Driving?

The upper limit for driving after drinking in Australia is 0.05-percent blood alcohol content. The amount of alcohol in the blood is determined by many factors including body weight, time elapsed since ingestion, and metabolism. Even one standard drink may be too much for some people to drive safely. Australia has instituted a tough drink […]

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Copyright Law Basics

What EXACTLY are Copyrights? I will begin with a basic description of copyright law with a brief example. A Copyright is best described as a set of rights granted by the government for the expressions of ideas or information. Quite literally, it is the set of rights the owner has to allow copies of the […]

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