Guide To Litigation Support Services

Do you own a law firm and looking for a tool that can help you stay ahead in the competition, then the search finally comes to an end. Litigation service is the perfect option for you. These services can boost your day-to-day productivity. Litigation services provide support to the lawyers and add to their productivity and increase the client results.

Legal work involves proper organization of key information that pertains to client cases. The volume of documents that concern notices, depositions, summaries, wills, intellectual properties, legal proceedings. The litigation support services save the corporate houses and legal houses by providing professional and precise litigation support.

Function of Litigation support services

  1. Litigation support specialist is responsible to keep the legal professionals up-to-date on the status of court cases by using electronic database.
  2. The support services must determine the need of the legal professionals and accordingly use support software to locate the information.
  3. They locate, scan and upload the court documents to the electronic database. It is their responsibility to print or burn a CD or DVD.
  4. The litigation service provider troubleshoots the litigation application process to ensure smooth functioning.

Responsibility of Litigation support services

The responsibility of litigation support services varies with the legal departments in question, specialization, and size of the organization. But some of its major responsibilities are:

  1. Research for the case: Research for a case consists of interviewing clients and other people associated with the legal case, look through the public records, obtain documents that are important for the case, exam the evidence of criminal cases, keep a track of the laws that relate with the specialty and perform inspections.
  2. Prepare reports: They prepare reports that include revving and summarizing the documents and the progress on the case to an attorney. They also take care of filing the documents as per the regulations of the government agencies. The paralegal services provider carefully records the entries on the judgment account and also financial analysis.
  3. Writing documents: Litigation support service experts help in writing the documents like contract between the clients and businesses, stockholder agreement and release form. They also write letter for other parties, clients and draft motions in case of request for change of venue.
  4. Easy managing of case files: It consists of maintaining and creating database of documents that concern activities of businesses and keep a log of documents and projects. They are also supposed to remember the deadline and dates of the cases. Also they need to index the documents and materials required for the court trial.

Top advantages of using litigation support services:

  1. Save time: Litigation system helps you save a great deal of time as there are no papers to be managed. This reduces the stress of managing piles of papers. Instead of digging in the files, lawyers can easily check the details on Smartphone, tablets or laptops. All vital documents can be accessed at a touch of finger round the world.
  2. Save money: Litigation services help the lawyer increase their productivity as they have time in their hands. The lawyers can retrieve the information on secured web portals at any time and thus save time.
  3. Easy data handling: Litigation services help lawyers to keep the documents safe. They help you keep a copy of scanned documents for future time reference. The lawyers are saved from the hassles of maintaining piles of documents.
  4. Fasten case proceedings: Litigation services helps promises fast justice to the clients as lawyers are left with time to concentrate on the case and its details and not engage in time consuming work of documentations. This also reduces the scope of errors adding to the productivity.

It is important to look for an experienced and professional litigation support services. Look for them online and before hiring them look out for information on:

  1. Total number of industry experience. It is best to seek litigation support services provider that has at least three to five years of experience. But don’t be rigid. Some fresh companies have experts hired and well equipped with the technological knowledge.
  2. The qualification and experience of the staff matters as in the end they are the ones, who will handling your work.
  3. Reviews and testimonials from other legal experts or legal firms. This will help you know their level of services.
  4. Privacy policies must be stringent.
  5. Cost of the services should not supersede the benefits of outsourcing the paralegal work.

The answers to these questions will help you assess the litigation services provider and make an informed decision.


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