Know Which Laws Come Under California Labor Law Posters?

California employers need to post labor law posters including CA minimum wage in addition to all federal and state regulations. To ensure compliance with the labor law posters mandates, employers must display both state and federal laws in a conspicuous place at every worksite. There are a number of firms that publish all-in-one labor law posters. These kinds of posters offer economical poster compliance solutions to employers. Some poster firms even offer year-round free updates for a small additional fee.

California State Labor Law Requirements include OSHA, Payday Notice, Emergency Phone Number, Time Off for Voting, Discrimination and Harassment, Whistleblowers are Protected, Access to Medical Exposure Records, Family Rights Act, Unemployment Insurance, Unemployment Insurance Benefits, Minimum Wage, Workers’ Compensation, No Smoking Policy and Paid Disability Leave.

Federal Labor Law Requirements include Equal Employment Opportunity is the Law which also includes NEW GINA in effect November 21, 2009, Federal Minimum Wage 2009, USERRA – Uniformed Services Employment and Reemployment Rights Act, OSHA – Job Safety & Health Protection, Employee Polygraph Protection Act, Family and Medical Leave Act, IRS Withholding Notice, Anti-Discrimination Notice and Payday Notice.

Occupational Safety and Health Protection Law (CA Code of Regulations, Title 8, Section 340) requires California employers to ensure that the workplaces are free of health or safety hazards.

Payday Notice (CA Labor Code 207) requires the employers to notify employees regarding their payday schedules.

Emergency Phone Number (CA Code of Regulations, Title 8, Section 1512(e) is an essential poster that lists the emergency phone numbers required during injuries or accidents in the workplace.

Time Off to Vote Notice implies that employees are entitled with the right to take time off to vote in case they are not able to do it outside their working hours.

Discrimination and Harassment notice conveys the zero tolerance policy of California State on discrimination since discrimination at workplaces against employees or job candidates is a severe crime in California.

Whistleblower Protection (CA Labor Code 1102.8 (a)) poster is meant to inform whistle blowers regarding their rights and protections. In case they have reasons to feel that these two areas are violated, they should contact the authorities over the phone numbers given in the notice.

Access to Medical and Exposure Records (Cal/OSHA, 3204) requires employers to enable the employees with access to medical and exposure records.

Family Rights Act Notice A & B grants employees the right to avail of up to 12 unpaid weeks under certain situations including pregnancy or when they need to attend to the medical needs of a family member reported with serious ailments impairing their ability to work. Under specific categories involving family members and military, they can avail of up to 26 unpaid weeks off.

Unemployment Insurance and Benefits requires employers to display this notice since employees must gain access to this insurance or file a complaint. They are entitled to get unemployment if they happen to get unemployed due to no fault of their own.

Minimum Wage (CA Labor Code 1183(d)) lets the employees know their rights regarding overtime and minimum wage payment rules.

Workers Compensation Law (CA Labor Code 3550 (a)) is a notice that informs the workers that they can file a claim for any injuries or illnesses that happen while they are on the job.

Further to these California labor law posters, the two other posters required are Smoking Policy (CA Labor Code 6404.5) and Paid Disability Leave California.


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